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What we do

About Us

As an independent financial services company we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive and impartial advice. A long-standing family run business we aim to develop personal relationships providing holistic financial advice for individuals, businesses and Trusts.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and provide advice on investments, savings, retirement planning (private and corporate), non-investment insurance (e.g. life assurance, private medical insurance and critical illness cover) and mortgages.

No Advice/Execution Only

This transactional service merely undertakes a transaction at your specific request and is processed on an execution only basis. You will have made the decision on the product and provider yourself.
You will be provided with the relevant illustration, product brochures and application form. We will not provide any comment on the product or its suitability for you or your circumstances.

Limited Advice

If you specifically instruct us that you do not wish to discuss a particular aspect of your financial affairs, and that area should not form part of any advice given, this will be considered ‘limited advice’. In this case, the five steps detailed below will be followed but specifically in relation to the area requested. You must be aware that if you limit the information provided it may detract from the completeness of the advice given. Any information not disclosed could effect how appropriate the advice is to your circumstances.

Full Advice

Where a financial review is undertaken we will follow the steps detailed below. Under these circumstances we will consider all aspects of your financial position and make full recommendations on all areas that we feel should be addressed or reviewed.

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