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Planning for the Future

When it comes to providing for our retirement, too many of us do too little too late. Contributing even a small sum early on can make a big difference to the lifestyle you will enjoy when you retire. The golden rule for most people, is not to rely on the State alone.


Modern pensions benefit from some very exceptional tax breaks, and nowadays, you can even contribute to your pension when you don't work! On this page is a list of some of the pension schemes available.

Defined Benefit Pensions

With the introduction of Pensions Freedom many people are looking at their retained benefits within defined benefit pensions and the merits of transferring them to a more flexible personal arrangement. As these types of pensions have valuable guarantees, in the main it is not advisable to transfer out, however there are circumstances where it may be beneficial to take a cash equivalent transfer value to retain control over such things as death benefits, how and when benefits are taken and the investment profile.

Mark Mitchell is our specialist in this area and authorised by the FCA to advise on pensions. He can lead you through the complex procedures required by the FCA to ascertain if transferring would be in your best interests from a financial perspective.

  • Personal pensions
  • Stakeholder
  • Company schemes
  • Annuities
  • Phased retirement
  • Flexi Access Drawdown
Mitchell Prockter. Authorised by the FCA to advise on pensions.